Understanding differences in family cultures

Moving into a step family has been compared to emigrating from one culture to another. Each family had its own cultural norms and family rituals, much in the same way that different countries / regions / religions have their own cultural norms. When thinking about immigration moving from their country of ..Continue Reading

Why it’s difficult to bond with a step-child.

I saw a young mother and her baby last week. The baby is seven months old. The baby was asleep and when she awoke her Mother noticed. For a while the baby lay happily making gurgling noises, until they got a little more intense, and then Mother picked her up. ..Continue Reading

The Christmas Tree

This was a situation a Step Mum had: My new husband and I have been married for 6 months and Christmas is looming. He has 4 children from his previous marriage and I have 2. We are going to be spending Christmas together and each set of children have their ..Continue Reading