Spare a thought for the child shuffling between homes.

I met Cariss this week. Cariss is quiet, subdued and doesn’t speak much. She is 14 years old and lives with her Mum and her Step-Dad with her half-brother Darren, aged 7. She goes to school and has some friends. Her mum is worried.  Her Step-Dad asks her to call ..Continue Reading

Post-university step-children come home to live with you!

Research suggests more young adults are returning to their parents after university – but what if their parents are re-partnered? Are you prepared for flat share? Research says that more than ever young people return ‘home’ after university before finding jobs and launching themselves on life. Research is also saying ..Continue Reading

Food – a terrible problem in Step-Families

Do you remember what it was like to go somewhere else for tea when you were a young child? A best friend would invite you out, and you would be pleased and excited, then as the day drew near the thing that you would be likely to be most worried ..Continue Reading

Does your step-child have ADHD?

There is a high percentage of ADHD diagnosis in children who have been involved in divorce. If you are a step-parent it is much more likely that your step-child will have some form of ADHD diagnosis. Children are not menyally or emotionall mature to handle their parents divorce.  So it ..Continue Reading

Why it’s difficult to bond with a step-child.

I saw a young mother and her baby last week. The baby is seven months old. The baby was asleep and when she awoke her Mother noticed. For a while the baby lay happily making gurgling noises, until they got a little more intense, and then Mother picked her up. ..Continue Reading

My Step Daughter’s Wedding

From the perspective of a step daughter. My wedding was on the horizon; my parents had been divorced for 10 years following a very stormy marriage. My mother, still angry about the divorce, was refusing to have ‘that woman’ at the wedding. That woman was my father second wife, she ..Continue Reading