You have an issue or problem with something to do with blending the family. You want some help but you don’t know quite what you need. Consultations are normally one or two sessions in which we come together with you to talk about your situation. A popular way is for you as a couple to meet or talk with us at Be StepWise. We can come to you if you are based in London. We sometimes visit people in their office during office hours and you book a meeting room. Alternatively we can work over the phone or if you want you and your partner to be there, we can work with Skype. We also have access to places to meet in Central London.

A consultation normally lasts an hour and a half. It often requires some quite straight talking to get to the point and the issues to address them. We work with you or you both as a team. Together we build a solution to the presenting problem.

How are we qualified?

The Be StepWise team are all qualified in different ways, but each have a thorough understanding of step-parenting and step-parenting issues. Each member of the be StepWise team use their qualifications in the way they have been trained. Whilst these are slightly different one from another the outcome will enable you to move on and take next steps with confidence and assuredness.

The Consultant will be able to relate to you and understand the different strands of any problem or issue. They will be able to relate it to prior knowledge about how families work and function. They will be sensitive and empathetic, with a full understanding of what you are going through. You will be able to share your thoughts and if your partner is with you so will they. Often different perspectives bring new light to issues. The consultant can work with the dynamics in the room to bring about a way forward from the meeting.

What are the likely benefits of consultations?

The consultation is likely to shed new light on family issues in a way that enables you to see a way forward, or at least to understand what the options may be.

You can feel freer, and gain more clarity. You can feel as though you have cleared the air. You feel that your partner has been able to listen to you, and you may have heard some new thoughts from your partner.

The way forward and what needs to happen becomes more evident. This may be changes in something you are doing, or ways in which you need to be thinking. At the very least it is food for thought.

Whilst much can be achieved in the time, we are not pretending we can solve every problem in this way. Sometimes it is advisable to arrange a follow up consultation or to arrange for further action or support for yourself in the future.

However, for most families this is a wonderful way to bring the issues into the open in a safe environment, under the guidance of a professional and get a good idea of what is needed to make things better.


  • For you as a couple or you alone to meet a professional in a confidential environment.
  • Consultations normally last 90 minutes.
  • Flexibility – we can come to you, you to us or we can talk on the phone or on Skype.
  • Consultations are places where you can be listened to, where you can hear other’s perspectives, where you can get the wisdom of a professional, and where you can build a solution for you.