Email Response Service

FREE – 3 email exchanges to answer any step-family question. If you put your question in writing to our contact box, we can usually reply within 48 hours.

PLEASE check your spam folder after two days if you do not receive a reply to your in-box.

Email response October 2020.

I wish I had emailed sooner! I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to discuss my problems with a stranger over email but it turned out to be the most helpful discussion I have ever had about my step family situation. I felt heard, understood and supported

Email conversation Autumn 2020

When I found Be StepWise I was feeling helpless and desperate. The emails I received were very helpful and provided valuable insights into the issues that were causing me and my partner to feel very stressed. Many thanks

Email correspondence, August 2020

I recently contacted Alison via email, her advice was beyond supportive for myself and my husband, I would fully recommend anyone to use this service.


Individual, Couple & Family Services

We meet with the individual step-parent, or the step-parent and their partner or entire families or family sub-sets.

Sometimes a single session is all that is wanted. At other times sessions are arranged at monthly intervals, or as required.

Parents have to contact Be StepWise via the contact box to set up the sessions. The best way forward is agreed. Sometimes this means a planning session with one or both of the parents in advance.

We can use telephone or Skype if convenient.

Ellie and Steve (2014)

Ellie had taken on a family of three teenage step-children when she moved in with her new partner Steve four years ago. Ellie had assumed that if she was herself, a naturally kind and well intentioned person, then she would have no problem befriending Steve’s kids. Things were fine at first, but soon turned out not to be fine at all. The children became rude and excluding. What made the situation worse was that Steve didn’t back her up. He avoided confrontation when he could, and sometimes backed the children against her. Ellie was stressed and distressed, and, before contacting us, was on the point of leaving Steve. She attended individual sessions with Be StepWise and then a workshop. This helped her to see things from a different perspective. She was then able to negotiate new arrangements for herself and the family.

Next workshop: Date to be announced soon. 

No of places: 12 per workshop

Timings: One day. 9.00am – 4.30pm

Location: Central London. Euston, London NW1

Cost: £115.00. per person.

To book: Use the ‘contact us’ form on this website to tell us

To ask a question: ‘Contact us’ and if you’d like a call just say.

For whom: All partners of parents. Your partners children need not live with you, or can be occasional visitors, or live with you full-time. Your partner’s children can be adults or children. Participants can be established step-parents or people not yet met their step-children. Some step-children refuse to meet their step-parents, and these partners are also welcome.

Sometimes both partners in a family are step-parents. You may prefer to choose to attend separate workshops. How you feel about your partners parenting of their children can affect your working partnership. We like to solve these problems.  They are totally solvable. We can’t if the spouse is in the room because the person always has to be aware of what they are saying in front of their partner.

Aim: The workshops are of practical benefit. Designed to enable participants have more confidence, be happier, and know what to do for the best in their set of circumstances. They enable step-parents to be able to talk with their partners about creating a good family life.  Step-parents also enjoy meeting other step-parents in a supportive, friendly, social environment. Living inside a blended family is not common knowledge and not commonly understood.

ContentThe workshops use a mixture of education - informing of stepfamily research and findings. Psychology - to help participants understand how past experience, expectations, feelings and reactions can be linked to the complex dynamic of a step-family. Behaviour change – strategies for problem solving and modifying step-family life to move forward to helpful and appropriate change.

ExperienceThe workshops normalise a step-parents experience. Inform step-parents about step-family life in ways they had not previously thought. Step-parents learn about strategies and ideas and can calmly and rationally think through what would help them next with their own step-parents experience. The workshops are friendly and participative. Confidentiality is talked about and asked for within the room. We hope the day will be fun, relaxing, a huge relief from the tribulations of step-family life, and very, very helpful to any step-parent whatever their circumstance.

Facilitators:  The two facilitators have much experience of step-family life. Alison O’Mahony is a Family Therapy Practitioner and Kim Revell is a Counselling psychologist. Please see details under ‘the team’ on this website. Both Alison and Kim are described as knowledgeable, sensitive and yet direct. They are experienced workshop facilitators, and have run this workshop several times.

The outcomes of the workshop:

For participants to….

  • become more knowledgeable about step-family dynamics.
  • feel more confident and competent in their own step-family environment.
  • take away a personalised plans to help in their own family.
  • have enjoyed the day talking with others in step-family situations.

Programme content:

Getting it right so it doesn’t go wrong – in step-parenting.

Content will cover:

  • Understanding step-family life
  • Why it’s different and why it’s not what you expected.
  • Helpful perspectives, and how to work with these.
  • Strategies for making step-family life better
  • Boundaries and discipline when these vary from house to house and person to person.
  • Communication as a re-formed family
  • Working with your partner especially around the mixed emotions in step-families.
  • Being treated right as a step-parent
  • Love in a step-family and your role.
  • Children who are rude or difficult or needy.
  • Others of influence, the ex-partner(s), the in-laws, the neighbours, the community.
  • Making and having your own life with this family, not being ostricised or controlled.
  • Fresh starts
  • How to secure a better step-family future.




Up to 2 months before            Full refund less £10 admin fee.

Less than two months             50% refund from 2 months until a week prior.

Less than 7 days to go            No refund with less than 7 days before event

If workshop is cancelled.         Full refund will be given.


Workshop participants say

October 2018

This was an amazing workshop. After ten years of being a step parent I pretty much felt I knew what was what but this was just what I needed. It was not something you could get from reading book – it was all quite holistic – an element of counselling, managing, support, strategies, understanding, sharing other people’s experiences and getting insights from each other and some role play which was really effective! At the end people were asking for another course. Alison and Kim are passionate and professional and just special really.


Workshop March 2019
The course has been a fantastic reset for my attitude towards my step children and also my outlook for our future as a family. Before the course I didn’t believe that I could do much more to make my family work now I am armed with a new set of tools and hope.



Wonderful. Would highly recommend. Thank you!


Very helpful – really enjoyed the chance to talk.


Really found it helpful and re-assuring to share stories. Felt really heard.


I got extremely valuable insights from all.


I got so much out of your workshop, I have no hesitation in recommending your service – Workshop participant


Thank you for yesterday. It was helpful. I am feeling less stressed about it than I was before talking to you, so thank you, - client, June 2012


I’m hugely impressed. Genius! – workshop participant


I found the whole day useful and a release. A very enthusiastic workshop – workshop participant.


Cannot fault anything. It was all very enjoyable and incredibly useful – workshop participant,


Very though provoking. Things from another angle helps shed light on an existing problem. – Workshop participant.


So helpful to have the opportunity to discuss openly ‘step’ issues with others who get it. – workshop participant


Really non-judgmental, sharing of ideas etc. There is too much to cover for just one workshop day. More please! – workshop participant,


Invaluable for step-parents and excellent opportunity for insight and help in the situation - Workshop participant.


A lively professional innovative workshop. Excellent – workshop participant,


It was so enjoyable and useful to have comradery and share similar situations – Workshop participant


It was really excellent - workshop participant,


Great practical tips, exercises able to have fun/ laugh, - workshop participant


Great sense of being able to share intimate details of feeling – safe environment. – workshop participant,


A chance to think about personal issues and an introduction to concepts to use. – workshop participant,


So useful to look at the multiple perspectives held by different people in relationships – workshop participant,


It is so useful to step back and be more objective and to create a structure to take the load instead of me! – workshop participant,


I think it’s great to hear the expert views and analysis – workshop participant.


I would recommend the course. It makes you think outside the box – workshop participant,


I really enjoyed all the course. It is interesting to think about your own feelings and thoughts and change this – workshop participant,


Thank you for the workshop. It was informative and helpful, and I like the way you guys think – Workshop participant


Thank you for a fascinating day – I so enjoyed it – Workshop participant,


Anyone involved in a step-family would find it helpful – workshop participant,


Very positive supportive and empathetic atmosphere – workshop participant,


I know so many others for whom this would be so useful. I will definitely recommend it – workshop participant,


Well organised, efficient, got straight into key issues and provided a safe environment to divulge and learn – workshop participant,


The whole day was interesting – workshop participant,


Learnt a great deal, feel better going forward – workshop participant,


Very useful parenting and step-parenting tips – workshop participant,



Thanks a lot for a wonderful meeting before half term – it was a fabulous session – workshop participant,


I benefitted enormously from the day – workshop participant,


Thanks so much for the day. It was really useful – workshop participant,


The workshop was informative, thought provoking, sensitive and sympathetic to everyone’s situation regardless of how difficult and emotional – delegate,


The whole workshop was good. I really found the problem-solving session useful. I wish my partner would attend – delegate,


I have attended a step-parenting session with Be StepWise in the past. I find the session to be extremely useful. They give me fresh strategies to deal with certain situation, - delegate,


I liked the different techniques and scenarios talked about on the programme – delegate,


Very enjoyable and useful to meet others experiencing broadly similar issues and similar emotions. Great sensible, compassionate strategies offered – delegate,


I feel each step-family should attend a similar programme to aid smooth blending of the new step-family – delegate,


Maybe run the workshop over two days? So much to talk about – Delegate


The workshop was helpful, informative, a great release. I feel more armed to deal with my situation – delegate,


Great to meet others with similar issues. Fantastic to get such compassionate but positive strategies. I will forward to using them. Client on workshop,


It has really made a big difference. We are off to a much better start – delegate,


I would never have expected that so many positive changes could result from just one day on the step-parenting programme. The simple techniques I learnt on the course have really improved my relationship with my family while being easy to set in motion. – delegate


All issues in the group were uncannily the same. Thank you very much. I think new step-parents should attend a session - delegate



Be StepWise delivers seminars at businesses, networks and events. Below is an example of a one-hour event.

The Be StepWise Step-Parent seminar will take a closer look at step-parenting. We look at why a step-family is different and what this means. We correct the misconceptions about step-family life. We put into context the challenges step-parents face. We share strategies for enabling step-parents and their families to achieve a sustainable future together. As far as possible, we address any individual questions step-parents bring to the session. If the session is likely to be heavily attended, then we ask for questions to be submitted in advance.