What is a seminar?

We have been running seminars and workshops since 2009. All those who attend have a great time meeting others who are in similar situations. Step-families often do not talk to one another, often people don’t even know you are a step-family.

The days are full of information, and interest. There is much research available around step-families that is not widely known or understood. The day is resourceful and what is taught is based on well researched and tested strategies. Once you enter into the day you understand that you feelings and issues are more than likely to be entirely normal.

The day is also action packed, with plenty of opportunity to participate and share, if you want to, the thoughts and things that may be troubling you. All aspects that are covered are related to people’s experiences in the room. The day covers strategies and skills to enable you to feel refreshed and capable to make changes for the better on your return to the family.

What does the day cover?

Delegates meet each other and there is an introduction.

Aspects of step-families are discussed and delegates can relate to their own particular family style, family type and issues that are present in their step-family.

A therapeutic model is used to show how different views inside step-families can give different meaning, and how we can adjust views to give different meanings to things.

Family support systems and family emotion drains are identified with a view to all participants be able to understand the stressors and strains and the support they have.

Strategies and skills for enabling the family to function better are introduced throughout the day.

A special problem solving session at the end brings together everything that has been talked about and enables delegates take away a specially constructed solution from all other delegates.

What can I expect as a result of attending a seminar?

A wealth of information relevant to you about step-family life.

Friends for the day at least with whom you can share Family thoughts.
A confidential environment where you can confide and be understood and listened to.

The benefit of two professional’s expertise.

Strategies and skills relevant to you.

A list of ideas and things to do when you get home.

The benefit of having the main issue addressed in some considerable detail.


– Held in central London on a regular basis, can be held elsewhere by arrangement

– Two trained and qualifies facilitators leas each group

– A fun interactive day with lots of knowledge and strategies to take away.

– Find people who have step-families in common.

– Find solutions and plan your next steps for your family at home.