Be StepWise was founded in 2009 in response to a growing demand from step-parents for information and support for their family life. Our aim is to offer all step-parents everywhere helpful family inspiration. Our services have been carefully and specially designed for the unique nature of a step family. Be StepWise is now a recognised resource for other organisations in the field and has an international following.

Our Philosophy:

We know step-family life can be rewarding, fun and special. We know that step-families have a special set of different circumstances that makes each one exceptional. Every family grows, changes and develops. Life in any family is a journey. At Be StepWise we believe that with the right knowledge and awareness you can bring wisdom to your step-family life. We are here to help you with that journey and to make the most of that family life.

Our commitment to you:

We are a team of qualified, experienced professionals who have great empathy with step-parenting and step-family life. We will meet your specific requirements carefully and sensitively.