About Us Our Achievements

Be StepWise was founded in 2009 by Alison O’Mahony in response to a growing demand from step-parents for information and support for their family life. Our services have been specially designed for the unique nature of a step-family. Step-parents want discreet support. They want advice that is relevant to their own family situation.

Our Aim
To help all step-families everywhere to take steps towards better family functioning whatever that may mean for them.

Our Philosophy
Step-families are about to become the new normal family type. Every step-family deserves the very best advice so that the step-family home can be a place we want to be.

What we’ve done
Be StepWise are a recognized authority for practical step-parenting advice. We have an international following. We have been privileged to have helped many step-families. We have used the media, conferences and seminars to raise awareness of the unique nature of step-family life.