Workshop for Step Parents

No of places: 12 per workshop.

Next workshop: Saturday 13th October, 2018.

Timings: One day. 9.30am – 4.30pm

Location: Central London. Euston, London NW1

Cost: £80.00. per person. Full refund available up to 2 months prior.

To book: Tell us you want to book your place by using the ‘contact us’ form on this website and we will give payment details.

For more information: use the ‘contact us’ form on this website and ask your question or ask for us to call you, giving us your name and number.

For whom: All partners, however part-time, of parents. Your partners children need not live with you, or can be occasional visitors, or live with you all the time. Your partner’s children can be adults or children. Participants can be established step-parents or people not yet met their step-children. Some step-children refuse to meet their step-parents, and these people are also welcome on the programme Sometimes both partners in a family are step-parents, if so you may prefer to attend separate workshops. Parents whose partner is the step-parent could consider a couple’s session in preference to the workshop which is for step-parents. .

Aim: Workshops offer a particular way of enabling participants to solve their problems. Being part of a group helps participants to understand they are not alone. Listening and talking enables participants to think through their problem(s) and come to new perspectives and new solutions they had not thought of before. This kind of thinking can rarely be done alone. There is a lot known about step-family dynamics but not much of this is common knowledge or commonly understood. The workshop aims to normalise a step-parents experience. Inform step-parents about step-family life in ways they had not previously thought. To learn about strategies and ideas that have worked for others. To calmly and rationally think through what would help them next with their own step-parents experience.

Content: The workshops use a mixture of education -informing of stepfamily research and findings. Psychology – to help participants understand how reactions, feelings and behavior can be linked to the complex dynamic of a step-family, and the past experience and expectation of individuals within the family. Behaviour change – strategies for problem solving and modifying step-family inter-action.

Experience: The workshops are friendly and participative and yet participants need share no more than they are comfortable to do. There is no necessity to talk about anything personal or sensitive unless they feel entirely happy to do so. Confidentiality is talked about and asked for within the room. The facilitators have much experience of step-family life and can draw on this experience. We hope the day will be fun, relaxing, a huge relief from the tribulations of step-family life, and very, very helpful to any step-parent whatever their circumstance.

Facilitators: The two facilitators who will both be present at the workshop are Alison O’Mahony and Kim Revell. Alison and Kim are both step-parents and professionally qualified. Alison as a Family Therapy Practitioner and Kim as a Counselling psychologist. Please see details under ‘the team’ on this website. Both Alison and Kim are experienced workshop facilitators, and have run this workshop several times.

The outcomes of the workshop:

For participants to….

become more knowledgeable about step-family dynamics.
feel more confident and competent in their own step-family environment.
take away a personalised plans to help in their own family.
have enjoyed the day talking with others in step-family situations.
Programme content:

Title: Getting it right so it doesn’t go wrong – in step-parenting.

Content will cover:

Understanding step-family life
How to bring the family together
Introducing boundaries and discipline when these often vary from house to house and person to person.
Being treated right as a step-parent
Working with your partner especially around the mixed emotions in step-families
Love in a step-family and your role.
Children who are rude, difficult or needy
Dealing with challenging ex-partners and extended families
Understanding a step-parents journey and how to make it work for you.
Fresh starts.