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Email advice February 2023 – Alison has provided very positive, insightful advice into the emotional issues I experience in relation to the challenges that sometimes arise in our step/blended family. Her kind thoughtful response has been a great help.


Facetime session September 2022 – we benefitted from a hugely useful session with Alison which was carried out with a lot of understanding and empathy. We gained a deeper understanding of the special dynamics of blended families families through Alison’s expertise and skills.


Email Response August – September 2022

I am more than overjoyed with the help & attention I received from Mrs. Alison. She was there to listen and offer advice.


Workshop March 2022.

I can’t tell you how lovely it was to meet you and Kim. I can’t get over how easy it was to be open and hear others do the same. An incredible help. You are the friend every step mum needs to meet!


Workshop, March 2022. A hugely valuable, cathartic and hopeful day spent sharing experiences with others. Left with a raft of practical ideas and suggestions, new insights and a renewed sense of optimism and strength. Thank you for the wisdom and expert facilitation.

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Workshop in central London, March 2022 – fantastic day of sharing and support which has given me much insight and reassurance. The workshop was very skillfully ran and the whole day was really enjoyable. Many thanks.


Email correspondence Oct 2021. I’m very grateful to Alison for her correspondence, I was feeling very isolated and stuck due to issues with extended family. She’s shown a lot of kindess and wisdom. I’ve already implemented her advice and seen an improvement in my relationship with my partner and my emotions.


Email responses May – Sept 2021

The help I have received from BeStepWise has been quite literally life saving for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough for understanding and for all the incredible advice and encouragement and validation that you have given me. THANK YOU!!!!


Telephone session, November, 2020.
Really useful telephone session full of insight and reassurance. I’m not going mad and what a relief to know I’m not alone. Gained some practical suggestions to move things forward and came away feeling much more hopeful. Many thanks Alison.


Email response August 2020.
I wish I had emailed sooner! I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to discuss my problems with a stranger over email but it turned out to be the most helpful discussion I have ever had about my step family situation. I felt heard, understood and supported


Email conversation Autumn 2020
When I found Be StepWise I was feeling helpless and desperate. The emails I received were very helpful and provided valuable insights into the issues that were causing me and my partner to feel very stressed. Many thanks


FaceTime sessions August 2020
We had a series of session with Alison which allowed us as a couple to talk openly and without judgement about our situation. Alison’s long experience in this area meant I felt supported, acknowledged, properly listened to and understood.


Email conversation, August 2020
Alison has given me some invaluable insight and support. Her tone was heartfelt and totally non-judgmental and has led me to feel not so alone. I feel more confident and positive and am looking forward to a workshop.


YouTube videos. August 2020
I stumbled upon these and was very pleased I did so! Each video addresses a common stepfamily issue and I regularly listen to them when I need neutral and expert advice on a stepfamily issue. As always, the advice is pragmatic and positive!


I recently contacted alison via email, her advice was beyond supportive for myself and my husband, I would fully recommend anyone to use this service.


Workshop February 2020
I can highly recommend this workshop. I gained confidence in going forward with some of the strategies I had been using while also gaining new perspective on some issues that I had been struggling with. A very beneficial day for our step family.


Telephone sessions. February 2020. Finding someone who understands the complexities of step-family dynamics is not easy. Being able to discuss these issues with someone with such specialist experience, empathy and wisdom has been hugely beneficial and has allowed me to move forward with confidence and conviction.


I attended a workshop Feb 2020 and was nervous, but glad I went. I was made to feel at ease and met some amazing people sadly we’re all going through different struggles, all at different stages but with some similarities. I now feel that I am not alone in this process. Thank you

Paul Morley

I attended the workshop in Feb 2020 with a little uncertainty about what to expect. However, it was a really useful and challenging day and I left feeling better equipped to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. I would definitely recommend this to anybody with a step-family.


Workshop February 2020
I found the workshop extremely insightful. Alison and Kim are very positive and friendly. I felt I came away with some good, workable strategies for encouraging communication. Alison also had specific advice for stepparenting bereaved children.


Phone counselling January 2020
Alison is very knowledgable and was able to understand my feelings and frustrations immediately. She has helped me in putting things into a more positive perspective. Mostly she has reassured me and made me feel heard. I totally recommend her.


January, 2020. Email conversations
I felt heard and taken seriously. Alison is very wise and insightful. She gave some great advice and guidance and she always made me feel like I could get back in touch.
She seemed to really care about our situation and the problems we were facing.


Counselling session on phone Sept 2019

This was extremely helpful in helping me to understand the dynamics and how to behave with stepchildren following a huge change in living arrangements. Alison is very experienced and knowledgeable


Email correspondence – Nov 2019
In only two emails Alison was able to get a good understanding of the challenges I faced in blending two families. She was able to show real insight, providing some great suggestions in how best to move forwards. Thanks


Workshop, October 2019
A fantastic event that offers participants practical tailor-made solutions to their step-family issues. The facilitators Alison and Kim are extremely positive, friendly and supportive. I came away feeling empowered.

Emma Woodhouse

Workshop 5th October, 2019
What a wonderful day with amazingly supportive leaders and fellow attendees. It was so good to be able to speak openly and honestly without judgement and to receive excellent advice and strategies to use in the future. Feeling much more optimistic! Thank you Alison & Kim!

Lizzie Benton

Workshop October 2019

I can’t explain how beneficial I have found the BeStepWise Workshop. Not only do I feel happier to be a step-parent, I feel more confident and less anxious about my role. I now have strategies I can use to create a happier family life.


Face to face / Telephone counselling
I have met with Alison a few times alone and with my partner due to challenges in our family life that are poorly understood. Alison is pragmatic, knowledgeable and supportive. It was amazing to be able to vent and be heard.


Telephone Session July 2019

I had an extremely helpful and insightful telephone session with Alison today. I felt heard, not judged and with little knowledge it seemed Alison really understood my difficulties and dilemmas. Would really recommend BestepWise.


June workshop 2019

I’m so glad that I took the time to attend this workshop. Alison and Kim are incredibly knowledgable and run a very informative day. It helped me gain perspective on my situation and connect with other step parents – and it was fun!


Workshop – June 2019
I found the workshop incredibly informative and it helped meeting others in a similar situation. Even though it touched on sensitive & challenging topics, the day was conducted in a very positive way. Highly recommended!


Workshop – March 2019
Connecting with other people in similar situations was great and Alison is an incredibly thoughtful course leader. The varied activities and approaches were a huge help – would recommend this workshop to anyone struggling with stepfamily dynamics.


Email correspondence: Febraury/March 2019.
Help for a Mum with blended family challenges!
Alison has been incredibly helpful and insightful in giving me advice around how to get my husband and my kids to talk. I was always in the middle and through email correspondence Alison has really helped me cope.
Thank you!


Workshop March 2019
Sharing stories and support with others was extremely helpful as alleviated feelings of going through things alone. The course provided clarity of my situation, strategies for managing everyday issues and generally coping much better as a step family.


Workshop March 2019
The course has been a fantastic reset for my attitude towards my step children and also my outlook for our future as a family. Before the course I didn’t believe that I could do much more to make my family work now I am armed with a new set of tools and hope.


Workshop – March 2019.

Alison provided me with invaluable advice, tips, and support. I feel so much better having been on the course, and more equipped to deal with being a step parent. Plus the support from everyone else has been wonderful, too! I couldn’t recommend enough!


Face-to-face session – April 2019 and Email response – February 2018

I cannot express how grateful I am to Alison for her help and support by listening and giving support and techniques to resolve our issues, which I have used already with success which is great!


March 2019 Workshop — Alison enabled everyone to share their experiences and I think we all gained some useful insights into all sorts of scenarios and potential responses within a step family, as well as lots of practical ideas for improving communication and managing situations.


Email correspondent. March 2019. Alison’s guidance and insight has been invaluable in helping me to develop a better relationship with my step-daughter. As a childless step parent I was struggling with the dynamic, but Alison’s empathetic and practical guidance has helped me so much.


In desperation i searched for assistance with matters & thankfully discovered Be StepWise! OMG what a difference Alison made to our lives! We’re still on a journey but its been made so much easier thanks to her guidance and knowledge on the subject. Can’t rate highly enough!


Workshop: Oct 2018

Alison and Kim delivered a well thought-out day of learning and sharing. There was just the right amount of time to share our stories in a structured way and good, solid theory as backbone to help understand our crazy and complicated Step-Family lives.


Email responses. October/November 2018.
Through email support, Alison has been extremely understanding and provided invaluable advice which has helped me to gain strategies and feel far more positive. I can now see things more clearly for the future. Thank you so much!

Sue Davies

FaceTime calls. October 2019.
From one “unblended” stepfamily, thank you! For your counselling skill and insights into the step family dynamic, and for your kindness. In time, using your advice, the changes we make will filter through, so all the family will benefit from healthier relationships. Great Result!


Workshop, October 2018.
I felt really listened to and went home with new ideas and a new outlook. I highly recommend attending no matter what your situation or how far you are into your step parenting journey; you will find advice, strategies and enthusiasm to help you make it the easiest journey possible. Thank you so much Alison and Kim, I can not express how much I appreciate your support and guidance.


Workshop 2018
It was very helpful to hear other people’s stories and realise you are not the only person dealing with a difficult and complex situation. Discussing tools and words to set up systems and discuss things with your partner and wider family will I am sure prove helpful. Plenty of food for thought.

Philip Evans

Workshop October 2018. Really useful and thought provoking session last Saturday. Very apparent was the experience of both leaders. This sort of focused counselling is very niche and hard to find but the execution is even more of a challenge. I am not sure the day helped my situation much but for those embarking upon the voyage, there was much to learn.

claire watson

Workshop October 2018
Alison and Kim are excellent presenters and made the information easy to understand and follow. They were clear, loving and supportive and made us feel heard and understood.
We feel like we came away with a very positive attitude and many new ideas to try and think about.


Workshop October, 2018.
This was an amazing workshop. After ten years of being a step parent I pretty much felt I knew what was what but this was just what I needed. It was not something you could get from reading book – it was all quite holistic – an element of counselling, managing, support, strategies, understanding, sharing other people’s experiences and getting insights from each other and some role play which was really effective! At the end people were asking for another course. Alison and Kim are passionate and professional and just special really.


FaceTime call October 2018

Alison gave us a safe space to talk honestly about the scary issues that we usually avoid or make little progress with. Despite the tears and the effort, there was also plenty of lightness and laughter. I was grateful for the careful preparation that helped our first session be a success.


BestepWise was instrumental in helping my situation with my stepson. I received really good advice. Thanks.

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