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1. Can infidelity ever have a positive outcome? And how to introduce grown-up children to a new partner

2. Tips for Step Parents for Christmas

3. What happens if Parents split up acrimoniously

4. How to have a good Christmas when your ex partner has the kids

5. Seven tips for divorced parents forced to let children spend Christmas Day with ex-partner

6. I want my stepson to live with us but my partner isn’t sure


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The Wright Stuff

Alison guests with Matthew Wright on Channel 5 TV

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How can I discipline my step-children without upsetting my step-child’s parents

Blame house rules instead of you

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How can I get my step-children to eat more healthily

Slowly introduce changes to diet, not immediately

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How do I build a relationship with my step-children

Try to interrupt signs from Step Child

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How do I communicate with my step-children

Ask step-children some simple questions

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How do I deal with my stepchildren’s annoying habits

Slow encourage new behaviour

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How do I develop a relationship with my step-children

Go slowly and allow plenty of time

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What can I do when step-child’s parents don’t discipline their children

Hold a meeting about  top 5 rules of the house

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