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Getting it Right so it Doesn’t Go Wrong About blended families

Step-families are fundamentally different from other family types. These differences are not generally acknowledged because new step-families want to look like they are traditional-styled families. Yet to step-parent like a biological parent causes problems.

Currently, many parents are cross-over parents. They are unlikely to have been step-parented but are very likely to be step-parents. Children born since 2010 are more likely to be step-parented than not before they reach adulthood. Step-families are becoming the most common family type, yet most step-parents have had no experience of step-family life.

We know step-family life can be rewarding, fun and special. We know there are ways to help in a step-family, and ways to hinder. To help enables the family to flourish. To hinder means the family founders. Be StepWise help step-families help themselves so they can get it right so it doesn’t go wrong.