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Are you finding the children challenging? Are you wishing you could get on better- or get on at all? Are you starting out, merging two families, introducing a new baby, parenting adult or teen step-children, have children at different ages and stages? Do you want to make changes, assert yourself, manage expectations, put in rules and get co-operation?

Are you establishing roles and co-parenting agreeably? Do you have different parenting styles? Does guilt mean your step-child has inappropriate power, priviledge over the situation? Is your partner, the pivotal parent, able to balance their children with you ? or are you, or they feeling second best? Are you experiencing strongly negative unfamiliar emotions that are not ?like you?.

How are you coping with the ex-spouse and their family ? whether they are divorced or deceased? Coping with the influence of – grand-parents, old family-friends, relatives, and neighbours or adult step-children? Parent alienation is when one parent influences a child in a way that the child feels they are making the choice, to reject the other targeted parent.

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